What we do

Ga met Sunoil Biodiesel de toekomst in!

As our name suggests, Sunoil Biodiesel specialises in the production of biodiesel. But we also produce by-products such as glycerine, frying fat, vegetable oil and High Blends Diesel. Sunoil Biodiesel produces biodiesel that meets the double counting requirements.

International certification
Sunoil Biodiesel holds international certification showing that our company produces sustainably and contributes to reducing CO2 emissions. As a biodiesel plant we have worked and continue to work sustainably by making biodiesel with residual materials (such as used frying fat) and operating exclusively with reliable partners.

VIHB certificate
We also hold the VIHB certificate. This means that we meet the strict requirements set for processing waste substances. We are able to demonstrate not only that we actually process waste substances, but also that we are professional, reliable and credit-worthy. We also hold the certificate of the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA).

Approved work placement company 
Sunoil Biodiesel has already for many years been an Approved work placement company for the Process Technology programme. CEO Wilfred Hadders was presented with the certificate by a delegate of the PMLF knowledge centre in September 2011.

Frying fat
Vegetable oil
High Blends Diesel