By sponsoring FC Groningen Sunoil Biodiesel is looking to add even more substance to its vision of sustainable energy and development. FC Groningen aspires to be the greenest football club in the Netherlands, and perhaps even the whole of Europe.

FC Groningen has entered into a partnership with Energy Valley, and the Energy Valley Top Club has been established at the Euroborg stadium. The aim of this affiliation between the biggest energy partners in the North of the Netherlands is to show the public at large what is possible when it comes to sustainable energy and innovation. FC Groningen is ideally placed to serve as a platform for putting out this message.

Joining forces with the Energy Valley Top Club of FC Groningen places Sunoil Biodiesel in the meeting place of these innovative energy companies. This is in keeping with Sunoil Biodiesel’s current developments. It also contributes to how we are perceived by our direct customers and suppliers, but also the users of diesel and biodiesel. After all, those who refuel with diesel refuel with a percentage of Sunoil Biodiesel.


Sunoil is also the football shirt sponsor of the youth training division of FC Emmen. Sunoil is also a business and general partner of the youth training division of the Drenthe-based professional football organisation. The logo of Sunoil Biodiesel adorns the front of the shirts of all youth teams.

CEO Wilfred Hadders of Sunoil Biodiesel: “FC Emmen is an important signboard for Southeast Drenthe. If FC Emmen does well, this has a favourable effect on the region as a whole.”

FC Emmen’s CEO Wim Beekman is in turn very proud to have Sunoil Biodiesel as a highly prominent club sponsor. “In the years to come we will be focusing sharply on the development of our own talents, and is only possible if enough companies affiliated themselves with our youth training division as partners.”

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Socially committed

As well as the sponsoring of professional football organisations, the social commitment of Sunoil is illustrated by its support for other activities that contribute to good causes.