Sunoil Biodiesel

Biodiesel: a natural alternative

Consistently high quality. That has been the motto of Sunoil Biodiesel since its foundation 2006. The company is the Netherlands’ first biodiesel producer and looks with confidence to a sunny future. Head for the future with us!

Trusted partner

In recent years Sunoil Biodiesel has made its mark as a trusted partner for long-term relationships. Sunoil Biodiesel is now a well-known partner on the biodiesel market both at home and abroad. Sunoil Biodiesel consistently supplies a high quality product to various markets.


Sunoil Biodiesel’s products are regarded as being highly sustainable because they are made of frying fat. Sunoil Biodiesel mainly processes used frying fat and animal fats into biodiesel, also known as ‘second generation biodiesel’. Sunoil Biodiesel also works sustainably at its biodiesel plant in Emmen, which has a capacity of up to 100 million litres of biodiesel a year. We work exclusively with trusted partners. Permanent quality control at all steps of the process is a vital aspects of our production process. Our own laboratory plays an important role in this.


It is not without reason that Sunoil Biodiesel is ISCC-EU certified. With this international certificate Sunoil Biodiesel shows that it produces sustainably and contributes to reducing CO2 emissions. Speaking of quality and accreditation : Sunoil Biodiesel holds the VIHB certificate. This means that we meet the strict requirements set for processing waste substances. We take a professional, reliable and creditworthy approach to this. Sunoil Biodiesel produces biodiesel that meets the double counting requirements. These requirements are laid down in the verification protocol for better biofuels.

Social contribution

Sunoil Biodiesel acts in keeping with Corporate Social Responsibility. We are an Approved work placement company. Television viewers will have seen the name Sunoil Biodiesel on the football shirts of FC Groningen and FC Emmen. Sunoil Biodiesel is a proud sponsor of these professional football clubs. Our intention here is to add even more substance to our vision of sustainable energy and development. Our social commitment is also apparent from our support for other activities for good causes.

Sunoil Biodiesel is the right partner for you when it comes to sustainable energy, for now and for the future. Head for the future with Sunoil Biodiesel!